The Sandbox Wiki
Icon Name Description
Human.png Human The human is an itelligent life-form that will add an extra dimension to your worlds. They will wander around, eat, build, and even work if you induce them to have a job. When you want them to change jobs, just use a little magic powder. You can also enjoy watching their relationships develop as your game progresses.
Robot.png Robot Robots have come from the future to wipe out Humanity. They can be commanded to either stand and wait for Humans, or seek and destroy. Also, you can choose which weapon they carry: missiles or laser!
Avatar.png Avatar It's you, pixelized. Roam the land!
Boton Atlantean 1.png Atlantean The inhabitants of Atlantis are humans with fish-like traits that excel at swimming and can breathe in water (although they will suffocate when outside of it). This particularly strong Atlantean has a ranged attack and can dash towards the last direction he faced. On land, the Atlantean loses his Dash skill and Jumps instead. Unlike other characters, the Atlantean adopts horizontal position when swimming, which allows him to move through places the others can't. The Atlantean has 3 HP points and can be healed by eating small fishes and Algae.

Icon Name Description
Hunter.png Hunter Throw this Magic Powder over your Human to make him a Hunter. Hunting is the practice of pursuing an animal for food, recreation or trade. Hunting can also involve the elimination of vermin as a means of pest control in order to prevent disease.
Miner.png Miner Throw this Magic Powder over your Human to make him a Miner. Since the dawn of civilization, people have mined stone, ceramics and metals found on or beneath the Earth's surface. These materials were used to manufacture early tools and weapons.
Spaceman.png Spaceman Wearing a special spacesuit, the Spaceman looks for Aluminite during his missions and gathers all he can. Since he's in space and thus unaffected by gravity, he can climb higher and fall slower than an Earthbound human.
Woodchopper.png Woodchopper Throw this Magic Powder over your Human to make him a Woodcutter. Wood is a very important material used by Humans, as it can be easily modified to generate all kinds of shapes, buildings and tools.
Zombie.png Zombie Throw this Magic Powder over your Human to make him Zombie. Zombies will hunt and eat humans turning them into other zombies!
Builder.png Builder Throw this Magic Powder over you Human to make him a Builder. Building is the process of constructing or assembling an infrastructure. The first huts and shelters were built by hand, or with simple tools.
Safari.png Safari Now you can make savage worlds and dress your Human for the occasion! The Safari skin will change a Human's look, but not his job or priorities.
Berserk.png Berserk To make the Robots seek and destroy Humans, throw some of this Configuration powder at them.
Sentinel.png Sentinel To make a Robot stand in place and wait for a Human to show up, throw some of this Configuration powder at him.
Fishermanwiki.png Fisherman The Fisherman work dust will teach your humans to catch fish with a fishing rod.
Farmer.png Farmer With the Farmer dust, you can make your humans plant and harvest several crop types.