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Icon Name Description
Acid.png Acid Handle this corrosive substance with care! Acid is a very complex element, which makes it quite interesting. It eats through most Elements, and can also create reactions, i.e. electricity when in contact with metal. Furthermore, Acid can be mixed with Water to produce Acid Wter, which when evaporated and condensed creates Acid Rain!
Avirus.png Antivirus Viruses beware! Antivirus will seek and destroy any Virus particles that appear on screen. It has a limited lifespan, but it can be sustained by eating Virus particles.
Bright.png Bright Bright is a floating light that cannot be powered down. Like Bulb, it is useful for growing vegetation in places with no sunlight.
Bulb.png Bulb Bulb needs Electricity running by it in order to power up. It's also handy as an artificial light, when growing vegetation where sunlight is absent.
Cooler.png Cooler For some nippy polar weather, just add electricity! Cooler is a cold source that, like Heater, needs to be in contact with Metal or Power, with running electricity to start cooling. When powered, it cools down whatever is above it.
Electro.png Electro Let metal conduct Electro to power up your circuits, and watch the sparks fly! It disappears on contact with non-conductive elements. When big clouds collide, it causes thunderbolts. Also, if you're the adventurous type, you can make real-life electrical circuitry using the wireworld pixel logic.
Fire.png Fire It burns things, right? Fire heats whatever is above it, and quickly disappears unless it is consuming something flammable. Fire burns Trees, Grass and Flowers easily, and it can also light Oil. It can be used to evaporate Water, melt Ice, turn Sand into Glass or Stone into Lava. Fire works very well with Multi, allowing you to create Torches or even Ovens. Fire only heats whatever's above it, so plan carefully before using it.
Gas.png Gas Cation: highly flammable! Gas floats around until it's ignited. Once it catches fire, it produces a heat wave which ignites all other Gas particles nearby.
Glass.png Glass Guaranteed to be impervious to acid! Glass is a very interesting Element to experiment with. It is not affected by Gravity, nor is it affected by high temperatures. It's the ideal Element to play with at different temperatures, and in closed environments.
Heater.png Heater Heater is a heat source that needs to be in contact with Metal or Power, with running electricity to start heating. When powered up, it overheats whatever is above it.
Ice.png Ice When sufficiently chilled, Ice will cool down whatever is near it. If it comes into contact with water, the water will slowly freeze. If it is placed near a heat source, it will melt and become Water.
Lava.png Lava Lava is a very hot liquid that overheats anything above it. It is made from Stone that has been melted at very high temperatures. If Lava cools down, it will turn back into Stone -- but you can always change it back again by overheating the Stone.
Metal.png Metal Metal conducts electricity and is not affected by Gravity, so it won't fall on you when you use it. Think of Metal as any kind of raw conductive metal, or a simple Copper Wire. Metal conducts electricity through it, as if it were a wire. Also with a little bit of chemistry know-how, you can create electricity by joining Acid with Metal. Batteries anyone?
Mud.png Mud Fertile Soil, Grass, Flowers and Trees all grow from Mud, which is also known as fertile ground. When sunlight hits it, grass and flowers will grow -- and if you add some Seeds, you can even grow your very own Trees! To create Mud just add Water to Soil To give your Mud some sunlight, turn the Sun system ON.
Multi.png Multi True to its name, Multi multiplies the first Element it touches. Multi will randomly produce an endless stream of the first element it touches, until it is covered by another type of Element. In this fashion, you can create some very interesting universes.
Note.png Note Touch it for 2 seconds to Tune it, then power it to make some noise! Note is a very special element that produces a sound whenever Metal or Power are nearby and have running electricity. Use the Piano Roll to tune the sound it produces. It's possible to compose a song by separating the notes and counting pixels.
Oil.PNG Oil Formed from the fossilized remains of dinosaurs, Oil is a highly flammable chain of chemicals that allows for combustion, fuel, light, heat, and other amenities.
Power.PNG Power Power is the very presence of electrical or kinetic possibility in energy, representing the ability to do work.
Sand.PNG Sand Millions of particles of ground rock result in this loose amalgam of substances, often containing minerals, shells, and more sand.
Seed.PNG Seed The very symbol of possibility, life, and growth, the seed is the genetic Noah's Ark of plants, containing the genetic code of the parent plants/trees.
Snow.PNG Snow Frozen water. But not ice. Cold.
Soil.PNG Soil The very Earth itself, potent in its potential to bear life and destroy it in monumental landslides.
Steam.PNG Steam The gaseous state of water, steam is produced when heat raises the temperature of water past the boiling point. This phase change results in a suspended gas, thousands of little particles of water suspended by escaping air in the form of vapor.
Stone.PNG Stone Stone is the fundamental element of the world's crust, forming a thin layer of hard material surrounding the liquid core. Though stone is a very basic material, it is also rather extensive, used for tools, buildings, and rocks.
Virus.PNG Virus One of nature's strangest forms of life, the virus reproduces through infection and cell division. The only known way to combat the Virus is the Antivirus.
Void.png Void Void -- the world's most powerful vaccum! Like a miniature black hole, it attracts and destroys everything near it. Use it to make continuous waterfalls, and other clever things. It's also helpful for countering Multi when you want to avoid filling the whole universe.
Wall.png Wall The wall can only be destroyed with the nuke element along with Statue of Liberty and other decoration objects. Concrete is not affected by gravity. Use it to isolate environments, divide the screen, write something witty, or create solid structures. But temperature may pass through it.
Water.png Water H2O -- beer's greatest rival. Like in real life, Water can be turned into Steam, Ice, and even Snow. Heat it to create Steam, cool it to create Ice. If the Weather System is ON, Water will automatically start the Water cycle, and turn into Steam, which turns into Clouds that will rain Water or Snow, depending on the over all temperature. You can create lots of universes by mixing Water with other elements -- or just by playing with the Water cycle. Make sure to experiment a lot, since this is one of The Sandbox's most interesting elements!
Wax.png Wax Heat Wax to make it a liquid, or cool it to make it a solid. A real two-way player!
Wood.png Wood Wood is a static Element (not affected by Gravity) used for solid constructions. It can catch fire easily, so be careful!
Saltwiki.png Salt Salt enhances the taste of any food, but can also have a negative impact on nature.
Sea-water.png Sea Water Sea Water, which contains salt, works slightly different than clean water.