The Sandbox Wiki

Icon Name Description
Eruptionwiki.png Eruption Drop Geiser over any liquid to create a fast-rising liquid force!
Tsunamiwiki.png Tsunami A liquid force of nature that floods the screen with gigantic waves.
Tornadowiki.png Tornado Tornado will descend over any element, with devastating effects!
Earthquakewiki.png Earthquake An unstoppable force of nature. The higher up you drop it from, the stronger its effect!
Solar.png Solar ray The sun's power at your fingertips! The ultra-destructive Solar Ray destroys and chars most elements.
Volcano.png Volcano A mountain that spews Lava from the Earth's depths!
Rightwind.png Right Wind Wind is a core elemental force. It can move lighter elements. This specific Wind moves to the right.
Leftw.png Left Wind Wind is a core elemental force. It can move lighter elements. This specific Wind moves to the left.
Hajira.png Hajira Giant grey dinosaur that shoots Energy Breath and sends enemies flying with a Tail Smash attack.
MechaRex.png MechaRex The mechanical counterpart of Haijira, the MechaRex is a giant Cyborg Dinosaur. It has 2 attacks: shooting a red Laser Breath with high destructive power, and a Chomp attack that crushes most elements in a big area. To make the MechaRex, you need to combine a CrocoBot with a MutaGem.

Icon Name Description
Fish.png Fish Look at these wonderful creatures. They live underwater and enjoy eating algae. It's cute how they decorate their homes with shiny stuff they find in the sea. They are living organisms, so be careful not to mess with their environment!
Firefly.png Firefly These friendly little creatures fly around with a blinking light when they desire social interaction. They'll turn your nighttime forest into a thing of beauty! Fireflies have red, green or yellow biochemical lights in their bellies, and even their larvae will light up. That's why they're called 'glowworms'. Neat, huh?
Bee.png Bee Bees make Hives, protect their queen, eat flowers and multiply. They are very intelligent and at the same time, very fragile! Notice the Queen Bee making other hives on trees as the hive progresses. Each Hive has a maximum of five bees maximum and will get bigger with a higher population, or smaller if a bee dies. But don't worry, a new bee will be generated if the Hive is prepared to support it.
Anglerfish.png Anglerfish The Angler Fish is a very special creature. It's a deep sea fish, and so it will swim as deep as it can. Also, it feeds on other fish by attractive them to its bioluminiscent light.
Lion.png Lion Weighing up to 250kg, the lion is the jungle's largest predator. Male lions have a great mane which distinguishes them from other felines.
Flamingo.png Flamingo Flamingos are tall, slim birds, measuring more than 1.40m in length. They have long legs, a long neck and a unique beak that's perfectly adapted for digging in the mud. Curiously, the flamingo moves its upper jaw instead of its lower one.
Rabbit.png Rabbit Fluffy, soft little creatures that like to hop around, eat grass and look cute. Your Humans will try to hunt them for food. Rabbits will reproduce and multiply, so be mindful of overpopulation.
Foxwiki.jpg Fox Don't leave your hens alone while he's around!
Henwiki.jpg Hen Hens lay eggs and are a Farmer's favorite dish!
Crowwiki.jpg Crow This intelligent bird will try to eat your crops!
Whalewiki.jpg Blue Whale The Blue Whale is the Earth's biggest creature. It must surface from time to time in order to breathe, and requires plenty of care.
Pirana.png Piranha This river omnivore will eat anything. ANYTHING, including whales.
Killerbug.png Killer bugs The swarm is everyone's worst nightmare. Unstoppable and vicious. Pray it doesn't spot you!
Snake.png Snake These vile creatures aren't vile at all. They just want to eat you, like any other carnivorous creature would.
Croco.png Crocodile The Crocodile is a reptile that moves from one side to the other, searching for prey. It swims over water and opens its mouth everytime a living being approaches it from the front. If that living being touches the mouth, it will be eaten.
DomGrub.png Doom Grub Look at these wonderful creatures. They live underwater and enjoy eating algae. It's cute how they decorate their homes with shiny stuff they find in the sea. They are living organisms, so be careful not to mess with their environment!
Earthworm.png EarthWorm The Earthworm likes to move around in Soil and Mud. When not in its element, it seeks it, slithering around till it finds it. After some time it goes to the surface for a sneak peek. It can get in pipes and turns into a DoomGrub when combined with a MutaGem.
Jellyfish boton.png Jellyfish Jellyfish are marine animals consisting of a gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell and trailing tentacles. In game,this small creatures glow in 3 different colors (Pink, Blue, Green) and will kill or damage any living beings on contact with its body or its tentacles.
Shark boton.png Shark The largest carnivorous species of Sharks are often apex predators and used as main villains/protagonists in horror movies. The Shark moves horizontally and after a while it moves a small distance vertically. When hungry, its eyes turn red and it starts to move faster, aggressively searching for prey. In this state, the Shark will try to eat any living being that approaches it and will lower its hunger if successful.
Anemone boton.png Anemone Sea Anemones are a group of water-dwelling, predatory animals that feed on small fish and shrimp. The Anemone will try to pull in any living being that approaches it using its tentacles. The green one only eats small fish, but in contact with MutaGem, the Anemone turns into a dangerous red mutant Anemone that can damage/kill most living beings on contact.

Icon Name Description
Stinger.png Stinger The Pirantha's offspring, it hunts for flesh beings to infest, going through soft elements to reach its prey. When a Stinger finds a flesh being, it infests it and turns it into a strange waxy element that sprouts more flesh-hunting Stingers.
Xenovine.png Xenovine An agressive alien plant that maintains a symbiote relationship with the entire alien ecosystem. It expands via a strange dance, on any surface, and sticks to almost anything that's in the dark. After a while, the Xenovine will cease its odd machinations. However, any disturbance will set off its cryptic expansive movements again!
Pirantha.png Pirantha A strange alien herbivore that builds a hive when Xenovine is around. After a while, the hive will collapse and the Pirantha will give birth to Stingers.
Mushroom.png Mushroom A bizarre alien mushroom that only grows over Xenovine. Its tip explodes when something touches it, releasing a highly corrosive acid steam.

Icon Name Description
Cedar.png Cedar The Cedar is a species of conifer ntive to western North America. It's a large tree, typically reaching heights of 400 m, with a trunk diameter of up to 3 m. Its wood is the primary material for pencils, because it's soft and sharpens easily, without forming splinters.
Bonsai.png Bonsai Bonsai is a Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers. Our Bonsai tree is a representation of this ingenious creation.
Baobab.png Baobab Gigantic trees used by Australian Aboriginals as a source of water, food, and medicine. They also painted and carved the fruits, and wore them as ornaments. A very large, hollow baobab in western Australia was used in 1980 as a prison.
Algae.png Algae Underwater vegetation! Yeah! Algae grow underwater in different shapes. Watch how they acquire strange color shading because of the sun light refracting on water. A beautiful thing. Fish use Algae for their homes and food too!
Dracaena.png Dracaena Though this tree is the official symbol of the island of Tenerife, Spain, it's not really a tree! It's actually a plant, with branches that grow for about 105 years (up to 1.2 meters in height) before re-branching, giving mature plants an umbrella-like visage. One famous Dracaena tree called 'El Drago Milenario' is 365 years old!
Willow.png Willow Though the willow tree is native to Europe and the United States, the ancient Egyptians used extracts of its bark to treat inflammatory conditions. The active component of this extract, which is chemically related to aspirin, can be found in the bark of several different types of willow.
Oak.png Oak The oak's fruit is a nut called an 'acorn', which has a cup-like shape. Each acorn contains one seed, and takes 6 -18 months to mature. Oaks are classified as evergreens, and extend from cool temperate to tropical latitudes in Asia and the Americas.
Palm.png Palm Important to humans throughout history, palms are among the best-known trees, and one of the most cultivated. Many products are derived from palms, and palms are widely used in landscaping due to their exotic appearance -- making them one of the most economically important plants. In many bygone cultures, the palm was a symbol of victory, peace, and fertility. Today, the palm is a popular symbol for the tropics, and vacations.
Pine.png Pine Native to most of the Northern Hemisphere, pines are resinous evergreen trees that can grow up to 45m tall, and are very popular around Christmas time.
Tenere.png Tenere The Tree of Ténéré was a solitary acacia once considered to be the most isolated tree on Earth. Standing alone in the Sahara Desert, 120 miles from any other tree, it was part of an ancient forest that disappeared. For centuries, the tree was a landmark for caravan routes through the the Sahara. In fact, the tree was so famous that it was the only tree to be shown on a large-scale map.
Sakura.png Sakura Cherry blossoms flower on several trees, particularly the Japanese Cherry, known in Japan as the Sakura. Many of the varieties cultivated for ornamental use do not produce fruit. Edible cherries generally come from cultivars.
RedMaple.png RedMaple The maple is one of the most common deciduous trees of eastern North America. It's adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions, perhaps more so than any other tree. It can be found in swamps, dry soil, and most everywhere in between.
Cornwiki.jpg Corn A crop that's especially tasty when boiled in butter. The farmer will harvest it when it's ripe.
Pumpkinwiki.jpg Pumpkin Perfect as Halloween decoration, or as a pie to feed the whole family!
Wheatwiki.jpg Wheat A leading source of vegetable protein for real humans and The Sandbox humans!
Mangrovewiki.jpg Mangrove The mangrove is a very useful tree that thrives in shallow-water area.
Cacaowiki.jpg Cacao The mother of chocolate, one of earth's yummiest creations!